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About The Owners

We have been travelling to Cocos for many years. From day one we were hooked by the magic of the islands. With each return trip we would stay a little longer. We were captivated by the natural beauty, magnificent beaches, gin clear turquoise water, the amazing history and the fun loving nature of the local community.

Then, in recent times we acquired the property and renovated it into what it is today, Beachcombers Cottage which we are now delighted to be able offer to other holiday makers.

We never tire from visiting and look forward to each trip as if it was our first.

People often ask when is the best time to visit Cocos. The answer is simple. Anytime. We have travelled at different times of the year and have always had a great time. Even a bad day at Cocos beats a good day at home.

The local residents are always warm, inviting and happy to chat and offer help or suggestions. It is very different to mainstream suburbia. Given the chance we find ourselves almost unknowingly talking about Cocos and its magic charm.

We hope that if you do plan a trip to Cocos and stay at Beachcombers you enjoy the place as much as we do. If you would like additional information on either Cocos or Beachcombers Cottage, feel free to contact us direct.

Best regards,

Brian and Nerissa Sorensen
0419 900 936


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