Things To Do On Cocos Islands

Cocos Islands offers the perfect getaway for those looking for an active watersports filled holiday, or those looking for that ultimate in relaxation. You can spend days doing literally nothing at all and feel incredibly satisfied doing it! If you must fill your time with activities here’s a few to keep you occupied during your stay.


Cocos offers a myriad of fishing experiences including lagoon sport fishing from the beach, deep sea jigging and ocean trolling. The ideal location to get your next big catch! The fishing is great all year round and the owners of Beachcombers are happy to help with guidance on the best tours and secret fishing spots to visit during your stay.

The local ‘Silveries’ are superb eating and great fun to catch! Beachcombers spot and what time to catch them will be provided along with all the gear. Or stalk the lagoon flats fishing for that elusive and prized Bonefish.

Kite & Windsurfing

In recent time the island has seen a surge in popularity with surfers, windsurfers and kitesurfers. The southeast trade winds experienced during ‘winter’ months of July to October are considered the best time to visit. The southern end of the lagoon is often filled with kite sails when conditions are good.

Visit the Cocos Visitor Centre to get information on equipment hire, clinics and tours

Scuba Diving

Cocos offers some of the worlds best diving with stunning underwater visibility and an array of sea life that is in one word – amazing. Cocos attracts divers from all over the world. It has over 100 different coral species, manta-rays, dolphins, barracudas, reef sharks, sailfish and you might be lucky enough to see the resident Dugong!

Dive sites are located both inside and outside the lagoon.

We thoroughly recommend using a local dive operator to get expert knowledge on the best spots to maximise your time on the island. Local operators offer tours to suit many levels of diving experience.


If you don’t want to go scuba diving theres still so much to see snorkelling throughout the lagoon. Great fun for all ages, the amazing array of underwater life is simply jaw dropping.

You must “zip the rip” at Direction Island (DI as the locals call it). This is a ‘must do’ snorkelling experience that you will remember for a lifetime.

Beachcombers provides snorkelling equipment for up to 4 people. If you require extra, you can hire equipment from the Visitor Centre on the island.


Island Hopping

Visit uninhabited islands by canoe, boat or skiff. Catch the ferry to Home island and experience the traditional culture of the Cocos Malay people. Or catch the ferry to DI (Direction Island) for the day. It provides a fun filled day of swimming, snorkelling and fishing (Thursdays & Saturdays only).

Take In A Cocos Island Tour Experience

There are several small tour groups offering a range of tours to help make your stay at Cocos an enjoyable experience. Including:

Canoe trips

Dive charters

Bird watching

Glass bottom boat exploration

Fishing charters

Nothing At All

Perhaps the best thing to do of all on Cocos is precisely nothing. The remoteness of Cocos and the limited internet facilities means switching off and tuning out the world for a while is very easy to do, in fact, you may not want to go back home!